Chocolate series

Fino De Aroma

Discover the delicious taste that 

hiding in cocoa beans 

Fino De Aroma. Only 6-7% 

production of cocoa in the world 

can be identified as such. 

It is characterized by fruity-floral 

aroma and a mild nutty flavor.


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New chocolates for chocolate lovers

There is always something exciting about tasting a chocolate that you have never tasted before. At Carla, we spend a great deal of time researching and testing new recipes and taste combinations. We believe that by constantly searching for new tastes of chocolate, we continuously improve the quality of our products.

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100 % fine raw materials
from all over the world

Colombia is the country with the mystic El Dorado, beautiful nature, fantastic coffee, fruits and cocoa beans. Only 6 % of cocoa beans in the world can be guaranteed as original FINO DE AROMA. A large portion of these cocoa beans can be found in Colombia.

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Passionate about chocolate

Chocolate is a very popular delicacy the world over. The original chocolate came in the form of a bitter and spicy drink. It was produced from ground cocoa beans, which were thickened with corn flour, spiced with vanilla, chilli pepper and other ingredients. The flavour of the chocolate gradually improved...

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